How your 401(k) account is like Trent Williams

How your 401(k) account is like Trent Williams

by Monica Jennings on Jan 31, 2024

Retirement Planning, Employer Retirement Plans

Do you ever get captivated by a random article?  That is what happened to me when I read a profile of San Francisco 49er left tackle, Trent Williams.

I did not know who he was but learned how vital he is to the team’s success and how the stats of the flashier players are better when he is in the game. He is highly regarded, but to me he is an unsung hero and I love those stories.

Trent Williams protects the quarterback’s blind side. When the quarterback feels protected, it enables him to do more.

It struck me that for many people, that is what a 401(k) account can do for you. During your working years, if you are diligently contributing to a wisely-invested 401(k) plan, it grows over time and helps protect your blind side. It can bolster your future and give you financial confidence. That frees up mental real estate to focus on the meaningful big rocks in your life like moving your career forward and making the most of family time. This confidence can also spill over into other areas of your financial life, possibly motivating you to look for opportunities to reduce spending or take other actions to secure your financial foundation.

On the lighter side, after I read the article, I found an interview with Trent Williams in which he said, “Play like your hair’s on fire.” That really made me smile. I liked the combination of motivation and humor. So, I will say to you, “Save like your hair is on fire!”  Add a sense of urgency to your retirement savings effort.  Increase your salary deferral rate into your 401(k) plan by at least 1% and improve your odds of scoring a retirement touchdown!

For an idea of what that might look like in dollars, click here.