The Participant Focus

At Jennings Financial Planning, everything we do is guided by one objective: providing your employees with a better chance of successfully saving for retirement.

We know that it is a retirement plan, not an investment plan – simply monitoring funds is just not enough.  We will provide your employees with direct, objective guidance on their retirement readiness by collaborating on risk assessment, saving strategies and evidence-based investment plans.

We bring simplicity to retirement planning.  Employees need assistance, and we offer a range of participant services to guide them through these decisions.

  • One-to-one meetings.
  • Group presentations (on site, online or both) to educate participants on a variety of financial topics.
  • Direct phone number to an advisor, not a call center.
  • Quarterly newsletters that provide a range of information, including the performance of the plan’s model portfolios and individual funds.
  • Online tools and resources.

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